Saturday, December 30, 2017

Justin Bosely, MD, Cyclist, Sports Med Fellow Stops by RIF!

Justin Bosely, MD, Cyclist, Sports Med Fellow Visits Revolutions in Fitness

(from Left) Justin, Katie, Curtis, Mark, & Jamie

        Justin Bosley is an emergency medicine physician who completed a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Utah. He is now working in the California Bay Area with Kaiser Permanente.
        Justin was formerly an elite rower--winning a collegiate national championship, Pan-American Games gold medal--and training with the US National Team for several years. Cycling increasingly became an interest through the years of training, and after retiring from rowing to begin his medical studies, he started racing road and criterium races. He now strives to incorporate his medical background and sport-specific knowledge to provide exceptional care to his patients and other athletes with whom he works.

       In Late October Justin came in to Revolutions in Fitness to get a first hand look our bike fit and physical therapy services as well as participate in some co-treat opportunities.

       During his bike fit Justin was able to witness how the Retul Fit and Gebiomized Pressure Mapping Systems can dial a person into their bike to get the most power out of their bike while at the same time staying comfortable for those long rides.

      Being a competitive cyclist himself, Justin understands the importance of Physical Therapy for improving athletic performance, tending to aches and pains, and preventing injury. The time that Justin spent with us at Revolutions in Fitness gave him some insight into how the marriage between bike fit and physical therapy can better prepare you for that next big race, long weekend ride, and provide a guide in which to understand what your body is telling you when you are active.

    All of us at Revolutions in Fitness want to thank Justin for the time he spent with us and hope that he comes back to visit. The New Year is upon us and if you want to experience the care and attention that Justin experienced with the Revolutions in Fitness Team for either a bike fit or physical therapy appointment please contact us at:

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