Monday, March 11, 2019

Got GAS (Gluteal Amnesia Syndrome)?

Do you have GAS? 


Gluteal Amnesia Syndrome Or “I can’t find my butt syndrome" occurs when your glutes lose the ability or forget how to fire properly due to tightness in other areas like your hip flexors. 

If you have ever experienced Gluteal Amnesia Syndrome, here is an exercise for you! RIF's own Jamie Wong, PT has engineered the Single-leg Sliding Wall Squat to help reactivate your glutes and remind them how to fire properly.

1. Stand sideways to the wall. Press the side of your knee into the wall. 
2. Hinge at your hips, keeping your spine straight. 
3. Slide your knee backwards.
4. Make sure to keep your chest vertically aligned over your foot. 
5. Keep pressing your knee into the wall as you return to standing. 

*Hip-knee-foot alignment: Check to see that your knee is tracking in the middle of your foot, between your 2nd-3rd toe. 

Frequency: 2 sets of fatigue (both sides)

Try doing this as a warm-up before your activity, be it running, cycling, swimming, etc. 

Research shows that gluteal exercises are beneficial for reducing knee pain. In fact, a recent review found that middle-aged and older patients are unlikely to benefit from surgery to repair meniscus and cartilage tears in the long run. Rather, treatment with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicine may be more helpful.