Saturday, December 30, 2017

Justin Bosely, MD, Cyclist, Sports Med Fellow Stops by RIF!

Justin Bosely, MD, Cyclist, Sports Med Fellow Visits Revolutions in Fitness

(from Left) Justin, Katie, Curtis, Mark, & Jamie

        Justin Bosley is an emergency medicine physician who completed a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Utah. He is now working in the California Bay Area with Kaiser Permanente.
        Justin was formerly an elite rower--winning a collegiate national championship, Pan-American Games gold medal--and training with the US National Team for several years. Cycling increasingly became an interest through the years of training, and after retiring from rowing to begin his medical studies, he started racing road and criterium races. He now strives to incorporate his medical background and sport-specific knowledge to provide exceptional care to his patients and other athletes with whom he works.

       In Late October Justin came in to Revolutions in Fitness to get a first hand look our bike fit and physical therapy services as well as participate in some co-treat opportunities.

       During his bike fit Justin was able to witness how the Retul Fit and Gebiomized Pressure Mapping Systems can dial a person into their bike to get the most power out of their bike while at the same time staying comfortable for those long rides.

      Being a competitive cyclist himself, Justin understands the importance of Physical Therapy for improving athletic performance, tending to aches and pains, and preventing injury. The time that Justin spent with us at Revolutions in Fitness gave him some insight into how the marriage between bike fit and physical therapy can better prepare you for that next big race, long weekend ride, and provide a guide in which to understand what your body is telling you when you are active.

    All of us at Revolutions in Fitness want to thank Justin for the time he spent with us and hope that he comes back to visit. The New Year is upon us and if you want to experience the care and attention that Justin experienced with the Revolutions in Fitness Team for either a bike fit or physical therapy appointment please contact us at:

Phone: (650) 260 4743  Email:

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cupping vs Massage

Remember seeing Michael Phelps show up to the Olympics with those funny spots all over his back? That is due to cupping and is Meghan Taff’s third certification that we will be talking about this week. Myofascial Decompression (AKA Cupping) is another soft tissue technique that Revolutions in Fitness is passionate about, but how is it different from your average massage, or even ASTYM (another one of Meghan's certifications)?

Think about cupping (Myo-fascial decompression) as pulling tissues that are stuck together apart so that they can better glide, slide and move relative to one another.
Imagine if your jeans were glued to your thigh… Then try to squat! This is what can happen with all muscle fibers and connective tissue in the body. After trauma or immobility, tissues get adhered to each other.

Cupping uses a vacuum technique that lifts the muscles fibers and facia using negative even pressure so oxygenated blood is quickly drawn to the area. The muscles fibres are then “held” within the cup and released when the cup is removed from the skin surface. The cups can also be moved in different directions creating a cross fibre technique and can even be used directly on the spine and other bony areas.

See the dent, this a GLUED Spot causing achilles and plantar fascia issues.

At Revolutions in Fitness, we pair the cups with certain movements to further decompress the tissue. Once we take the cups off, we perform various exercises to promote moving within the new range we have just achieved.

Why Cupping?
There are many benefits to seeing your physical therapist for cupping:

  • Reduce scar tissue formation following inflammation or trauma   
  • Release trigger points and decrease tightness in a muscle and the surrounding fascia
  • Decrease myofascial dysfunction, break up adhesions/scar tissue already present in an area of the body
  • Increase blood flow to a slow healing muscle, tendon or ligament

Hands on Soft tissue mobilization / Massage
Massage, on the other hand, is also a fantastic tool used to alleviate muscular tension by using pressure from the therapist to apply pressure to the muscle fibres to get them to and relax. This could be a very light or a very heavy pressure for:

  • Reduction of muscle tension and stiffness
  • Relief of muscle spasms
  • Greater flexibility and range of motion
  • Increase of the ease and efficiency of movement
  • Improvement of the circulation of blood and movement of lymph

Usually a blending of both cupping and massage techniques works best.

First-Hand Experience with Cupping Post Shoulder Surgery:
Barbara broke her shoulder in two places, and after being advised by her surgeon, she was doing passive PT exercises just 2 hours post surgery. “Because I have worked so closely with my Physical Therapist and have done my exercises regularly and without fail, I was able to start active weight training about 6 weeks faster than usual and my passive range of motion is back to perfect”.

The scar tissue is another important factor that inhibits progress with active range of motion post surgery because of the soft tissues around the shoulder being pretty glued together. “Curtis got me started on cupping, and it provided immediate relief. I instantly had a lessening of pain and I am noticing that my shoulder is less stiff through the end range of motion. I am so grateful for the excellent care I have gotten from Mark and Curtis and everybody at Revolutions in Fitness”.

Look closely for the indentations that the scar tissue has created on Barbara's shoulder. These are glued spots (fascial adhesions) between muscles and other connective tissue's.

In order to determine whether Cupping treatment is right for you, schedule your appointment with Meghan today: Phone: (650) 260 4743  

Monday, November 27, 2017

Injury prevention with Meghan Taff
SFMA and FMS – Prevent Injuries BEFORE they end your season.
This week we introduce you to Meghan Taff’s second certification, and one that Revolutions and Fitness are incredibly passionate about – SFMA and FMS testing.

What is FMS?
The Functional Movement Screening (FMS) captures fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns, and competence of basic movements uncomplicated by specific skills. It will determine the greatest areas of movement deficiency, demonstrate limitations or asymmetries, and eventually correlate these with an outcome.
FMS is comprised of seven movement tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. The patterns used provide observable performance of basic, manipulative and stabilizing movements by placing clients in positions where weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries and limitations become noticeable by the team at Revolutions in Fitness.

IMG_8564 (1).JPG

Meghan and Jamie Wong of Revolutions in Fitness recently hosted a sports Movement Analysis for the girls basketball team at Palo Alto High School. This screening consisted of two main disciplines in helping to identify flexibility, strength, and coordination issues for the purpose of injury prevention and improving athleticism and performance.
The Functional Movement Screening (FMS), which utilizes the Y Balance test, quarters up the body into the left, right, upper, and lower quadrants to test how your core and each limb functions under the weight of the body. The Y Balance Test is used to test motor control and demonstrate functional symmetry. This test then builds a map that identifies areas that may act as road blocks to a persons performance both in athletics and rehabilitation.  Read about it in our blog HERE

SFMA 19.jpg
What is SFMA?
The selective functional movement assessment (SFMA) is a simple test developed by Grey Cook, PT, that offers a unique perspective for corrective exercise in a clinical setting. SFMA involves a clinical assessment of your movement patterns to help diagnosis any painful movement problems you may be experiencing.  There are seven full body movements in total and they are used to assess everyday movements such as sitting, bending and squatting. When your movement patterns are assessed in this way, it becomes possible to diagnose and treat the musculoskeletal pain.  
The clinical examination of the movements can be used to identify any physical impairment that although unrelated to their pain, may have a contribution to any discomfort.

For more research on FMS check out the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy Research Article HERE

If interested in knowing if you or your young athletes are at risk or would like to improve their performance, contact Revolutions in Fitness at: or call (650) 260 4743

Friday, November 24, 2017

Season's Greetings From
Revolutions in Fitness
Give the Gift of Health OR Recovery

Winter is upon us and the best gift you can give to yourself, friends, or family is the gift of mobility and maintaining an active lifestyle. Revolutions in Fitness is here to help! Check out the great holiday deals coming your way! 


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RIF Recovery Room
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Recovery Tools Include:
- Normatec Boots
- ComDex Electrical Stimulation for Muscle Recovery    
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(650) 260-4743

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

TIBCO Women's Pro Cycling Team

Revolutions in Fitness is proud to be able to support the TIBCO Women's Pro Cycling Team helping to elevate their performance and reach their goals. Check out the TIBCO end of the year newsletter below, which outlines all of their accomplishments this season.   

Lauren Stephens on her way to Silver at Nationals, followed by our Volvo team car.
Image: Jonathan Devich

2017 RECAP: A Big Year for Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 
4 National Championship Titles  36 Season Wins  72 Podium Finishes
Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank wrapped up the 2017 season with some big achievements - both on and off the bike. This year, we competed on five continents, winning a total 36 races and placing on the podium 72 times in seven different countries. 
In addition to racing, Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank is committed to giving back to the community and participated in a number of events like the Best Buddies Challenge, the American Heart Association’s CycleNation and Bike to Work with TIBCO Software.

Season Highlights:

Our training camp in Arizona brought some early success, with Ingrid Drexel scoring the team’s first victory of the year at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. Kendall Ryan followed up with a win on the final stage of the event. This set the tone for more team wins to come including: 
Redlands Classic — Lauren Stephens won stage 3, the iconic Highlands Circuit race.
Tour of the Gila — Lex Albrecht sprinted away from the break to win stage 2.
Winston Salem Cycling Classic – Aggressive racing by the whole team set up Lauren for a victory in the final lap.
GP Gatineau — Lauren won the individual time trial, out-pacing a competitive field.
Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour - Lex Albrecht sprinted to her first European victory in stage 2; Lauren Stephens claimed another time trial victory in stage 4.
BC Superweek — Kendall Ryan sprinted to 3 major victories during this epic week of racing in British Columbia, including the crowd-favorite Gastown Grand Prix, the UCI Tour de Delta White Spot road race and the PoCo Grand Prix.
National Championships: 
Two of our riders scored double national championships this year. Ingrid Drexel is now the National Champion of Mexico in both the road race and individual time trial, and Nicolle Bruderer the National Champion of Guatemala.

At just 18 years old, our New Zealand rider Madeleine Park secured double bronze medals in the Oceania Championships. 

International Results:  
Three Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank riders were selected to represent their countries in the road race at the UCI World Championships in Bergen, Norway: Lex Albrecht (CAN), Ingrid Drexel (MEX) and Lauren Stephens (USA). Lauren was additionally chosen to compete in the individual time trial at Worlds, where she placed an impressive 8th place. At the prestigious La Course by Le Tour de France earlier in the year, Lauren claimed another top 10 finish, finishing 7th in both the one-day event for the women and the unique pursuit-style time trial held in Marseilles for the top 20 riders.

Working Together to Achieve Goals

Solid teamwork helped achieve these accomplishments, whether in strategically setting up the winning move or doing a lead-out for the sprint. After a season of working together, riders begin anticipating each others actions, effectively communicating with just a single word or motion. Even team dinners became an efficient act of camaraderie - pizza tastes best when hand tossed.

Community Engagement: Success on and off the bike.

In addition to racing, Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank participated in over 25 charity rides and community events around the country and the world, including hosting a number of discussions on diversity, inclusiveness and women in sports with Silicon Valley Bank and TIBCO Software.

When in China to race the Tour of Chongming Island, the team led a ride for Shanghai-based Silicon Valley Bank employees and colleagues and hosted a pre-ride discussion on teamwork and cycling for fitness. 

Later in the year, the team visited Silicon Valley Bank's London office and led a ride and Q&A for local employees and partners. 

In Connecticut, Linda Jackson (Team Founder), Ed Beamon (Sports Director), Ingrid Drexel and Lauren Stephens joined Navigators Insurance and 2,500 other riders at the 40th annual Bloomin' Metric Charity ride.

Linda, Kendall Ryan, Jennifer Tetrick and Lindsay Myers supported Silicon Valley Bank at the Best Buddies Challenge in September, where event participants helped raise an impressive $4.5 million to support Best Buddies programs. Jennifer and Lindsay additionally participated in the American Heart Association's inaugural CycleNation ride, which raises funds and awareness for preventing heart disease and stroke through healthy activity.

With an emphasis on empowering community involvement and increasing opportunities for women, the team hosted the Silicon Valley Cycling Foundation’s 7th annual Cycling Gala in May, featuring cycling legends Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen and Bob Roll, in addition to our own incredible athletes.

The event was a tremendous success and sets the framework for an exciting international racing calendar in 2018. Stay tuned for information regarding our 8th annual cycling Gala coming up in 2018 during the Tour of California!

Finally, the team supported long time team member Patricia Schwager in her efforts to become a qualified UCI Sports Director. Under Patricia’s guidance the team raced to a top 10 overall result at the Tour of Chongming Island - a UCI Women’s World Tour event.
Thank you to our Partners & Supporters

Cycling is a team sport. Just as we can't win alone on the race course, we can't have a winning season without incredible partners, including TIBCO Software, Silicon Valley Bank and Navigators Insurance, who share our passion for excellence, increasing opportunities for women in sport and promoting healthy communities through cycling.

Thank you to TIBCO, Silicon Valley Bank, Navigators, along with Fuji Bikes, Edco Wheels, Rudy Project, Voler Apparel, Lagunitas and an incredible list of industry supporters and fans for a great 2017!

Learn more about our incredible partners here.