Monday, January 29, 2018

Performance Optimization Programs (POP)

At Revolutions in Fitness, we’ve combined the most important aspects of 
what we do as physical therapists (injury prevention), with what we all want
as athletes (improved performance). POP, or Performance Optimization Program(s), 
is a way for athletes to take ownership of their health, but also improve upon their
overall performance all at the same time.

                       Gebiomized Pressure Mapping (Saddle)                                Gebiomized Pressure Mapping (Running)

POP includes a Sport specific movement assessment, as well as treatment based
on these findings. The athlete will then learn home exercises and treatments that they 
can do to make changes in their body to promote overall performance gains in their

                                      Meghan Taff, MPT, CSCS                                        Bike Fit Services to improve performance

There are currently 3 levels of POP's that you can choose from ranging from 1 hour to
3 hours. A 1 hour session is an SFMA screening and a brief overview of single sport
movements, A 2 hour session is a more in-depth single sport assessment and 3 hour
sessions are for our multi-sport /Triathlon athletes. The goal of a POP is to identify the
primary limiters to reaching your sport specific goals. Frequently our clients goals have
been around swimming,biking, and running, however we have also performed POP's
for soccer, basketball, and a host of other sports! Some Items included in a POP are:
  • A Movement Assessment
  • A scored FMS/SFMA
  • A list of specific limiters hindering your performance or likely to cause future injury
  • Hands on / Manual Therapy Treatment
  • Video homework on how to approach your sport specific limiters
  • & Much More
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