Monday, April 2, 2018

RIF Patient Spotlight: Kai Siedenburg

About Kai:
Kai Siedenburg is a nature connection guide and writer who is passionate about helping people to cultivate more mindful, intimate, and healing relationships with the natural world. She is also the author of a new book, Poems of Earth and Spirit: 70 Poems and 40 Practices to Deepen Your Connection With Nature.

Kai's Experience with RIF:
Working with RIF has been life-changing for me.  It has allowed me to keep doing what I love and made my life happier and healthier.  Before I started regular physical therapy with RIF, I had knee problems that kept me from biking and back problems that sometimes kept me from doing pretty much anything, including sitting, driving, bending forward, or any kind of significant exercise.  I still vividly remember one night I spent lying face-down on my living room carpet because I couldn’t move without intense pain—and many other times I couldn’t do what I wanted to because my back was in spasm.

I had seen multiple orthopedists and PTs before I found RIF, but none of them helped me much.  Working with RIF has taught me to understand and address complex patterns of dysfunction and compensation in my body and keep various parts communicating and cooperating with each other.  It has helped me to stay active and keep doing the things I love, including hiking, biking, dancing, and swimming. It has even helped me tolerate high-risk activities like sitting for extended periods of time!

I consider my monthly PT visits with RIF an essential part of my wellness program.  I would highly recommend RIF to anyone seeking PT support, including people who have seen other practitioners without much result.

Poetry Pause with Kai:
The Gift of Rain
For the first time
in a long time
it rained today—

each tiny droplet
a gift
to a thirsty plant
or animal.

Seeds say “yes!”
Plants say “yes!”
Parched mosses
say “yes, yes, yes!”

From the tiniest
soil microbe
to the tallest redwood,
we rejoice.


Every moment
is a gift—

strangely wrapped,

not what we asked for,

yet still a gift.